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Through our many years of experience, we have found hands-on therapy to be the most beneficial for reducing and eliminating your pain. We provide one-on-one 40 minute therapy sessions in private rooms. During these sessions, we provide our expertise, which you may use in your own exercise program for the future to continue reaping the benefits of your therapy time spent with us.

We provide an individualized approach. We treat you as a person, not just a patient.

We are looking for the cause of your pain, which does not always coincide with the painful area. The painful area is often where the body is trying to compensate , but it is not the actual cause of the pain. Whenever possible, we try prevent you from having to undergo surgery. Whether you have foot, back, shoulder, knee, or other pain, come see us first.

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Physical Therapy Services of Guilford LLC
Physical Therapy Services of Guilford

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