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To Whom It May Concern:

I was referred to Physical Therapy Services of Guilford by my family physician. I was having continued extreme pain throughout my left arm, and I found it impossible to sleep at night, even with the use of strong painkillers. My physician had diagnosed the condition as a rotator cuff abrasion/strain with no permanent tear damage.

Having been through physical therapy in the past for other problems, I expected to encounter a combination of exercise and electric stimulation. My therapist took a very different approach, and after my first session, I felt a marked improvement in my mobility and a reduction in the pain. By my third session, I was able to sleep through the night without painkillers of any kind, and by my fifth session I had regained 80 – 85% mobility on my left side and had no associated pain. We continued to work to improve my mobility, and after about 7 sessions, I resumed all of my normal physical activities.

My therapy lasted approximately 9 sessions, and I heartily recommend their approach and therapy to anyone with a similar condition.

A. L.

Dear Physical Therapy Associates:

I have been living with horrible back pain since 1986. I have been to physical therapists’ before with some success.

On my first visit to Physical Therapy Services of Guilford, I knew they were going to be different. My therapist was very caring and focused on getting me better. I walked in the first day hunched over and leaning to one side. I didn’t even realize how bad I looked. I hat gotten so used to my condition and pain it had become a way of life for me.

Slowly, with manageable exercise and therapy, I regained my strength. My therapist worked with me and guided me through my setbacks. Today, I feel better and am walking much taller and straighter. I still have to be very careful, but I can finally move and enjoy more of life. As a bonus, I have lost 35 pounds. Others have noticed the changes in me. I feel more like myself again. Thank you so much, Physical Therapy Services of Guilford.

Dear P.T. Associates:

I have been suffering with migraines for the past year and a half. It has taken this long to finally fix my problem. Unfortunately, I have TMJ, which affects my jaw, which triggers my migraines. Previously, I tried almost everything, living on medicine, mainly Advil for the past year, and even got prescribed a higher dose. Although it took away the pain, it would always come back just a few hours later. These migraines were putting a damper on my life. After a while, I went to see a TMJ specialist, who gave me a mouth guard. Even this didn’t help. My mom and I finally got a recommendation to come to Physical Therapy Services of Guilford. Finally, my headaches are 97% gone. After only a week and a few days, I am migraine free. It has helped me so much and made me so happy.

J. T. L.

I was very fortunate to learn from my physician of the incontinence program given by Physical Therapy Services of Guilford. At that time, I was very anxious because I thought surgery was my only option to my problem.

Under the excellent guidance of my therapist and appropriate exercises, I was skillfully guided through eight levels of various techniques to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Now that my symptoms are under control, I will continue to do my Kegels, knowing that I will be helping myself to lead a healthier life.


To Whom It May Concern:

Before my first appointment with Physical Therapy Services of Guilford, I was having a lower back problem that had been bothering me for more than two years and had been getting progressively worse despite efforts with traditional and non-traditional intervention. During that two-year period, I had seen a hip specialist and a spine specialist. I had received physical therapy and tried numerous anti-inflammatory medication and muscle relaxers. I even tried acupuncture. Nothing had any lasting effect. In fact, the problem kept getting worse. The lower back pain was radiating down my right hip and leg. It bothered me during most activities including driving, standing, and sitting. The pain had gotten to the point where it was affecting the quality of my life and limiting my activities.

I began going to Physical Therapy Services of Guilford in May 2004. Even though I had tried physical therapy in the past, I liked the non-traditional approach I received here. My previous physical therapy experiences all included a limited amount of therapy and a routine of in-office exercise. I never liked exercising in the middle of my workday, especially when I did plenty of it on my own time. But now, I found the entire session was spent on therapy, and my questions were encouraged, which led to exercises and stretches that I could do on my own time. In this way I felt more a part of the treatment plan.

Over a period of about 4 months, things have improved significantly. At this point I am 80 to 90% improved and feel that a monthly physical therapy appointment, along with my stretches and exercises, will continue to improve my situation. I am incredibly appreciative to have my life back. I can now get through a complete day at work without any pain, a remarkable improvement. I can fully enjoy time with my children without limitations. I have recommended this facility to family and friends and will continue to do so.


Dear Physical Therapy Associates,

After having tennis elbow in both elbows over the course of two years, I was having particular trouble with the left side, quite painful and weak. I had 3 injections to the site over 4 months, and they helped relieve the pain, but it wore off after 3 to 4 weeks. After the last injection, I inquired about the possibility of PT in helping me have a longer lasting recovery. Thus, I began treatment here.

My therapy began with ultrasound warming of the area, and using manual therapy to help stretch the muscles and tendons, and my therapist recommended a series of stretches and careful exercises to be performed at home. Over the next 8 weeks, my pain subsided considerably, the tightness of the tendon and surrounding muscles is reduced greatly, and I feel like a long term solution is possible with continuing care on my part. I would highly recommend this type of physical therapy for anyone suffering from the same type of tendonitis.


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